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OHC Vision and Mission

In 2019, the Opera House Cup Committee, in trying to protect and preserve the traditions and history of the Opera House Cup, decided it was time to codify the Vision and Mission of the Opera House Cup.

Vision Statement:

The Opera House Cup encourages the appreciation, understanding, restoration and use of classic wooden boats by amateur sailors.

Mission Statement:

The Opera House Cup was started in 1973 to celebrate the history, beauty and seaworthiness of wooden ocean-going cruising yachts. Developed for amateur sailing at the end of the Age of Sail, these boats have been sailed across all the oceans of the world by small crews and families on voyages of personal discovery.

Over time, ocean-going cruisers at the Opera House Cup have been joined by historic wooden day-racing boats. Recognizing that they complement the wooden cruising boat, we welcome them into our Day-Racer division.

Although the Opera House Cup takes the form of a race, we seek not a winner, but rather the spectacle of classic yachts sailing upon our sometimes placid, sometimes wild waters of Nantucket Sound.

The Opera House Cup Committee

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